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Will Empty Gelatin Capsules Affect Your Health?

  Medicinal gelatin hollow capsule is a kind of shell made of gelatin, which is used to package medicines and is convenient for patients to take. Empty gelatin capsules have bright color, can cover the taste of medicines, are easy to swallow, have good disintegration performance and long shelf life, and are favored by consumers. However, with the wide use and increasing demand for empty gelatin capsules, its disadvantages have become increasingly prominent. So, what are the adverse reactions of a gelatin empty capsule?

  Gelatin has good physical and chemical properties, but the disadvantages of empty gelatin capsules should not be underestimated. For example, there is a risk of spreading mad cow disease (BSE) as an animal source preparation; Can't be accepted by some special cultural people (Jews, Muslim Muslims) or vegetarians; It is easy to cross-link with some substances; Heavy metals, preservatives, and bacteriostats are easy to exceed the standard. At present, it is generally believed that the main pathogenic cause of empty gelatin capsules is excessive chromium. It is also a semi-open secret of the gelatin industry that enterprises illegally mix industrial gelatin into edible gelatin and sell it to food and drug manufacturers. Chromium is a kind of blue-white polyvalent metal element, and the common ones are bivalent chromium, trivalent chromium, and hexavalent chromium. It is hard, brittle, and corrosion-resistant, so it is often used in stainless steel and other products. At the same time, chromium is an essential trace element for the human body, but excessive intake of chromium does great harm to the human body, and its toxicity is related to the existing valence state, in which the toxicity of bivalent chromium is very slight, while the toxicity of trivalent chromium is easy to appear in the human body. If we take toxic capsules for a long time and take trivalent chromium, on the one hand, it will affect our body's antioxidant system and easily get some chronic oxidative diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension. On the other hand, because the antioxidant system is damaged, it is easy to cause diseases such as tumors.

  Compared with trivalent chromium, hexavalent chromium is about 100 times more toxic than trivalent chromium. Clinically, the harm of hexavalent chromium and its compounds to the human body is usually manifested in three aspects. First, it damages the skin, causing dermatitis, pharyngitis, etc. The second is to damage the respiratory system, causing pneumonia, tracheitis, and other diseases; the Third, it damages the digestive system, and it is easy to cause gastritis, gastric ulcer, and intestinal ulcer by eating chromate by mistake or even long-term contact. Excessive intake of hexavalent chromium can lead to renal failure and even cancer.

  Long-term and continuous exposure to these high-priced chromium ions may damage the function of renal tubules, which can be confirmed in animal studies. On the other hand, it may lead to the occurrence of tumors, especially malignant tumors such as lung cancer and esophageal cancer, which are also related to the long-term intake of chromium ions. In addition, the long-term accumulation of chromium in the human body may induce human gene mutation.

  As we all know, the best way to prevent the fire from continuing is to find out the danger of the fire as early as possible and avoid the disaster. Once a disaster occurs, no matter how much manpower and resources are used, it will inevitably cause huge losses, not to mention other social costs. And the safety management of food and drugs is also necessary. At present, a large number of capsules with excessive chromium have appeared in China. The problem is that we have not actively discovered hidden dangers and signs. Experts call for replacing animal gelatin with plant gelatin to fundamentally ensure the safety of capsules and food, which is the safe way.