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Why are empty HPMC capsules better biocompatible?

In the field of modern medicine, the choice of drug packaging materials is crucial to patient safety and therapeutic efficacy. Among numerous packaging materials, empty HPMC capsules have attracted much attention due to their excellent biocompatibility. 
First, hypromellose is a naturally derived polysaccharide commonly found in plant cell walls. This natural ingredient makes HPMC capsules closer to human tissue in chemical structure, reducing its foreign body reaction to biological systems. Compared with some synthetic materials, the ingredients of HPMC capsules are more friendly to the human body, thus reducing the occurrence of allergic reactions and adverse events.
Secondly, HPMC capsules do not involve animal-derived ingredients during the preparation process, and do not contain gelatin and other substances that may cause allergies. This makes HPMC capsules suitable for a wider range of patients, especially those who are sensitive to ingredients of animal origin. 
Third, HPMC capsules have good dissolution properties in the human body. HPMC capsules can dissolve rapidly under different pH environments, ensuring rapid release of drugs in the gastrointestinal tract. This solubility helps to improve the bioavailability of the drug, reduces the irritation of the drug to the gastric mucosa, and reduces the probability of gastrointestinal discomfort, thus improving the patient's medication comfort.
In addition, the surface of the HPMC capsule is relatively smooth, which reduces the friction between the capsule and tissue, helping to reduce patient discomfort during swallowing. This is particularly important for some special groups, such as elderly patients or children.
Finally, the structural stability and water retention of HPMC capsules also have a positive impact on their biocompatibility. This helps maintain the shape and integrity of the capsule, ensures the stability of drug packaging, reduces the drug's contact with the external environment, and extends the shelf life of the drug.
Generally speaking, the reason why empty HPMC capsules have good biocompatibility is due to the interaction of its natural origin, non-animal origin, good solubility, smooth surface and structural stability. . This makes it a favored material in pharmaceutical packaging, providing patients with a safer and more effective medication experience.