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What Is The Effect Of The Empty Pharmaceutical Capsule?

  Every disease in modern life can correspond to a lot of drugs, because all drugs have the same characteristic, that is, they do not have a specific effect on any disease. That is to say, many drugs can treat multiple diseases at the same time. The empty pharmaceutical capsule is a relatively good drug, and it has a very good effect on the treatment of many diseases. Let's take a look at what an empty pharmaceutical capsule is.

  What is an empty pharmaceutical capsule?

  An empty pharmaceutical capsule itself does not cure diseases, it is an empty shell that holds medicines. It can cure colds when it is filled with cold medicine, and it is done when it is filled with antibiotics. It is characterized by shielding the bitter and unpleasant odors of medicines and taking them smoothly. There is also a delayed dissolution time, like enteric-coated capsules, which are not dissolved in the stomach through loading, and dissolve in the intestinal tract to treat intestinal diseases.

  What is an empty pharmaceutical capsule?

  An empty pharmaceutical capsule is composed of a cap and a two-section capsule shell refined from medicinal gelatin and excipients. It is mainly used to hold solid drugs. Such as self-made powders, health products, pharmaceuticals, etc., to solve the problems of difficult entrance and poor taste for users. In addition, the capsules can be printed with text, logos, and graphics for a unique custom look.

  Empty hard gelatin capsules are made of gelatin and excipients. The shape of the capsule is slender and easy to swallow. It is the most popular dosage form for consumers; in addition, the capsule can effectively cover the uncomfortable content of the content. Taste and smell, the real medicine is no longer bitter. Capsules hold a variety of powders, liquids, semi-solids, and tablets. In addition, capsules have good bioavailability due to their rapid and reliable dissolution of the capsules.

  What is an empty pharmaceutical capsule?

  In summary, it is known that the empty pharmaceutical capsule, which is used to hold drugs in the middle of the year, can effectively shield the unpleasant odor in the drug and can effectively delay the dissolution time, so it is an indispensable drug in the pharmaceutical market. Items, this capsule can be quickly dissolved and absorbed after taking it and can give full play to the curative effect of the drug.


  Although the therapeutic effect of an empty pharmaceutical capsule is very good, its function is relatively strong and it is not suitable for the treatment of various diseases in a wide range. Therefore, people should pay attention to controlling the types of their diseases in life and find the correct solutions.