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What Is An Empty Pharmaceutical Capsule Made Of?

  Sometimes we eat capsules when we are sick. Such large pills are sometimes difficult to swallow. What is the empty pharmaceutical capsule made of?

  Empty pharmaceutical capsules are made from edible-grade pharmaceutical gelatin after finishing and auxiliary materials. Gelatin is a water-soluble protein extracted from animal skin and bones. It is a high-fat, high-protein, cholesterol-free, natural nutritional food thickener. After eating, it will neither make people fat nor cause physical decline. Gelatin is also a powerful protective colloid with strong emulsifying power.

  Gelatin is used in many foods, such as puddings, sweets, preserves, chewable candies, icings, canned foods, and dips. In food, gelatin helps to coagulate, thicken, stabilize, and aerate and is a very popular, nutrient-dense, and low-fat food ingredient.

  Empty pharmaceutical capsules have good bioavailability and dissolve rapidly, reliably, and safely. In medicine, hollow capsules are mainly used to hold solid medicines, such as self-made powders, health care products, pharmaceuticals, etc. empty pharmaceutical capsules solve the problems of difficult entrance and poor taste for users, and truly solve the problem of the bitter taste of good medicines. The shell of empty gelatin capsules also stabilizes the medicinal effect.

  In reality, some people find that the capsules are difficult to swallow, so they pour out the powder in the capsules and take them with boiling water. This practice is not recommended by doctors, because some medicines will cause great irritation to the stomach and intestines. , such as enteric-coated tablets, the gelatin in the capsule will not dissolve in gastric acid, so the capsule will wrap the drug, dissolve in the intestine, and be digested to protect the stomach; in addition, the empty pharmaceutical capsule also has a certain sustained release effect, It can reduce the irritation of the drug to the human body.