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What Empty Gelatin Capsules Belong To

  Pharmaceutical products and health care products have now been encapsulated, but the production of capsules often requires empty gelatin capsules, which are empty pharmaceutical capsules made of gelatin. Drug and food manufacturers buy back the empty capsules and then fill them by themselves. Do you know empty product material gelatin capsules belong?

  Gelatin is divided into two types, one is the gelatin obtained after the high-temperature treatment of pig and bovine bones and skin, and the other is extracted from seaweed and fish through new technology, and the collagen of the other side is proposed. It is used in the food industry to make pudding, jelly, milk jelly, or empty gelatin capsules. Its biggest feature is that it can be metabolized by the human body and has no toxic effect. Now the production of capsules has reached a high technical level. Capsules can also print text and can also customize the appearance.

  It is mainly composed of two parts, namely the body and the cap. The middle can hold medicines or health products. The capsules can be added with fragrances as needed to cover up the unpleasant taste of medicines and to achieve pain-free taking medicines. After entering the human body, This capsule can dissolve quickly and become a part of the human body. It can be said that it is convenient and fast, and it is easy to carry, install, store, and transport. What do empty gelatin capsules belong to? It belongs to a kind of colloid that is non-toxic to the human body.