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What Does An Empty Pharmaceutical Capsule Do?

When it comes to the empty pharmaceutical capsule, everyone is familiar with it. From western medicine to today's nutritional products, capsule products have been widely used in many fields. So, what exactly does the capsule shell do? What are the main raw materials? How do distinguish the quality of capsule shells from bad?

In terms of materials, the main material of the capsule shell is mainly edible-grade and medicinal gelatin, which is made after finishing and adding auxiliary materials. Compared with shells such as sugar coatings, capsule shells have good bioavailability and can be dissolved more quickly. However, due to the increasing demand for capsule shells, many "home workshops" use waste leather as raw materials, use quicklime for decolorization and bleaching, and then make gelatin, and some use industrial gelatin, so pay more attention.

When judging the quality of capsule shells, you can start from these aspects. First, look at the overall appearance of the capsule shell to see if the capsule shell has impurities and whether the taste is pungent. Second, check whether the capsule shell is easy to dissolve, regular and high-quality. Capsule shell products, when the saliva is sufficient, generally begin to dissolve in about 5 seconds. Third, depending on the manufacturer and raw materials, the strong and well-reputed empty gelatin capsules manufacturers produce capsule shells that are relatively more secure.