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What Are The Adverse Effects Of Empty Gelatin Capsules?

  Empty gelatin capsules generally do not have any side effects, but because of different physical conditions, the probability of adverse reactions is also different. If the drug is used in large doses for a long time, it will irritate the stomach, resulting in nausea and vomiting.

  Empty gelatin capsules mainly refer to a hair body made of medicinal gelatin and accessories. It consists of two capsule shells. It belongs to a kind of air capsule shell. The shape is on-site, and it is very easy to swallow. It is relatively A popular drug dosage form that can also mask the taste and unpleasant smell of the drug by using capsules to hold some drugs and can also avoid the state of the drug being bitter. This kind of air is called larger, and it is mainly used to hold solid medicines. It can make powders, health products, medicines, etc. It is convenient for patients to take it, and it also solves the problems of difficult entrance and poor taste. At the same time, a variety of trademarks and patterns can be stamped on this capsule, and a unique appearance can also be customized according to individual needs.

  The dosage of gelatin edible empty capsules is very small, and generally, there will be no adverse reactions. However, because of the different drugs in it, the impact on the human body and the probability of occurrence is also different, and some drugs have great side effects.