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What Are Edible Empty Capsules Made Of

  In clinical treatment, for some difficult-to-swallow powder granules, some patients also choose to use edible empty capsules to wrap and take. So, what are edible empty capsules made of?

  In the process of treating some trauma, someone will open the shell of the amoxicillin capsule and apply the contents directly to the affected area to prevent infection. From this process, we can see that the capsule is a kind of inclusion, and what works is the powder inside. Therefore, in clinical treatment, for some powder granules that are difficult to swallow, some patients also choose to use edible empty capsules to wrap and take. So, what are edible empty capsules made of?

  what are edible empty capsules made of

  Edible empty capsules are mainly used to hold solid medicines. For example, self-made powders, health care products, medicines, etc., have solved the problems of difficulty in mouth feeling and poor taste for users, and truly realized that good medicine is no longer bitter. Taking the medicinal powder directly can easily burn the esophagus and gastric mucosa, causing ulcers. Some medicinal powders are too irritating and can easily choke into the trachea and corrode the tracheal mucosa. Using a hollow capsule as a carrier can well protect the stomach.

  Edible empty capsules are divided into two types according to the material, one is gelatin capsule skin, which is made of animal leather, and the other is starch capsule skin, which is mainly capsule skin made of plant starch. Based on 12 years of toxic capsules, starch capsules are much safer than gelatin capsule skins. It has become the first choice for most patients.

  Starch edible empty capsules are made of natural tapioca starch and the appropriate amount of purified water through a special process without any chemical additives or preservatives. No animal-derived substances are added to the production, no animal protein, and the safety hazards caused by mad cow disease and poisonous capsules are eliminated. The active ingredients in the starch are more helpful to stimulate the activity of the powder, which is beneficial to the absorption of the human body and increases the use efficiency of precious Chinese medicinal materials.

  Of course, starch edible empty capsules are not suitable for all drugs, because hard capsules, capsule shells, empty hard gelatin capsules, stomach-soluble capsules, vegetable capsules, halal capsules, enteric-coated capsules, and other materials are also required in pharmaceutical factories, so Although there have been accidents in edible empty capsules made of gelatin, there is still a relatively broad market. However, some pharmaceutical manufacturers also strictly control to avoid repeating the same mistakes.