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The Role Of Additives In Empty Gelatin Capsules

  When making empty gelatin capsules, some additives need to be added to make them fully usable. There are many kinds of additives, and different additives have different effects.

  1. Glycerol, sorbitol, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, etc., as plasticizers, can increase the toughness and plasticity of the capsule shell and prevent the empty gelatin capsules from breaking due to excessive drying.

  2. As a thickener, agar can increase the gelling power of the glue.

  3. As a sunscreen, titanium dioxide can prevent the catalysis of drug oxidation by light and increase the stability of photosensitized drugs.

  4. Lemon yellow, carmine, etc. as colorants can increase the aesthetics of empty gelatin capsules and facilitate identification.

  5. Parabens are used as preservatives to prevent mildew in the glue during preparation and storage.

  6. Sodium dodecyl sulfonate acts as a brightening agent to increase the gloss of empty gelatin capsules.

  7. Ethyl vanillin can be used as an aromatic flavoring agent to adjust the taste of empty pharmaceutical capsules.