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The Raw Materials And Process Of Making Empty Gelatin Capsules

  Empty gelatin capsules are all made of gelatin. Gelatin is widely used in many foods, such as puddings, sweets, preserves, etc. In food applications, gelatin gels thicken, stabilize, and aerate, making it an extremely popular, nutritious, and fat-free ingredient. Due to its hypoallergenic and water-absorbing properties, gelatin is also widely used in many daily necessities, such as cosmetics and toiletries.

  Gelatin is a water-soluble protein derived from collagen, the main natural protein component of connective tissue. Gelatin can be extracted from the collagen of hides and bones by following a controlled extraction process. There are many types of gelatin. Empty gelatin capsules are made from pharmaceutical-grade gelatin that meets the stringent requirements of the US Pharmacopeia and other international agencies that set standards for materials required in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals.

  During the production of gelatin hollow capsules, the gelatin forms a film on stainless steel die needle. The gel film on the die needle will gradually harden after drying, and finally, form an empty pharmaceutical capsule, and then the capsule shell is removed from the needle to complete the pre-production of the gelatin hollow capsule. Typically, two different sizes of die needles are used: one for the capsule body and a larger diameter for the capsule cap of the two-section capsule. After the gelatin hollow capsules are made, they need to pass multiple sterilization and testing, and only qualified gelatin hollow capsules can enter the market for consumers to choose and buy.