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Talking About The Characteristics Of Empty Pharmaceutical Capsule

  An empty pharmaceutical capsule has the following characteristics:

  (1) Liquid oily substances can be directly encapsulated in capsules, without the use of additives such as adsorption and inclusion, and the content of oily substances in empty pharmaceutical capsules is as high as 60% to 85% by weight, while the content of inclusions, in general, is 50%. %the following.

  (2) If the film is made of thick gelatin, it can be completely air-sealed, the capsule strength and film blocking property is high, and the content can be kept stable for a long time. According to the measurement, the oxygen shielding property of gelatin film is more than 30 times higher than that of polyethylene film. It is very stable to oxygen in the air and can prevent air oxidation and moisture absorption.

  (3) After ingestion, the contents are quickly released, and the utilization rate and absorption rate in the body are high.

  (4) The content is uniform and the content deviation is very low.

  (5) It can cover the odor and odor of certain contents, especially suitable for some cosmetics and empty pharmaceutical capsules for hair.

  (6) The taste, color, fragrance, transparency, and gloss of the capsule film can be freely selected. Compared with other round products, the appearance is glossy and eye-catching.

  (7) The round air-tight container is a kind of purification type container, which cannot be mixed with the foreign matter when it is circulated.

  (8) For low boiling points, volatile (such as fragrance, etc.) substances can be stored stably. And some contraindicated ingredients can be separately added to the two-layered content.

  (9) There is no need to add additives such as binders and forming agents. Generally, empty pharmaceutical capsules are made of gelatin, glycerin, and water, and are edible natural products.

  (10) Empty pharmaceutical capsules should meet the following requirements during production and storage: they should be neat in appearance, free from sticking, deformation or rupture, and have no odor; unless otherwise specified, they should be sealed and stored.