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Small Edible Empty Capsules Have Big Uses

  When you usually take medicine, you can always encounter all kinds of edible empty capsules. Some patients feel that the edible empty capsules are too big to swallow, so they simply disassemble the edible empty capsules, and put the granules and powder inside with water or swallow them directly. As everyone knows, this is a very wrong approach, which may weaken the efficacy of the medicine, or cause danger if it is serious.


  Of course, the shell of edible empty capsules does not contain drugs, which is why some patients and friends abandon the shell of edible empty capsules. However, although the edible empty capsules shell is not medicine, it is better than medicine and has an irreplaceable effect.

  The shell of edible empty capsules can protect your mouth and nose. Good medicine is bitter and good for the disease. Some medicines are very bitter, some medicines are very pungent, and of course, some medicines are both bitter and pungent. But more importantly, the stimulation of some drugs to the oral cavity does not appear at the time, but "first occurs and then arrives". By the time your mouth starts to feel uncomfortable, it may be hours later. Temporary oral irritation may not be a big deal, but if the oral cavity is stimulated day after day due to long-term medication, it may cause considerable damage to the oral cavity. The shell of edible empty capsules can "lock up" the medicine so that the medicine cannot touch the mouth, and will not irritate.

  The shell of edible empty capsules can protect the medicine itself. To digest food, our stomach not only has a strong acidity but also has a variety of enzymes to digest food-including drugs, of course. Some drugs can handle the strong acids and enzymes in the stomach, but others cannot. Edible empty capsules specially made for these fragile drugs will only dissolve in the intestine, allowing the drug to go directly to the "terminus", thereby avoiding the hostile environment in the stomach. Some drugs cannot even withstand the environment of the intestinal tract, and can only be absorbed in the mildest colon, which requires edible empty capsules that only dissolve in the colon. If their "protective umbrella" is lost, they will suffer heavy losses in the gastrointestinal tract, or even disappear.

  The shell of edible empty capsules can avoid the trouble of taking medicine. To allow the drug to dissolve quickly and take effect, the powder of some drugs is very small. When opening edible empty capsules, the powder that is accidentally kicked up means that the dose has been insufficient. What's more, when swallowing such a fine powder, the powder may be choked into the windpipe, which is especially dangerous for children. Not only to ensure a sufficient amount of medication but also to ensure that you will not be choked by the powder, please be sure to swallow edible empty capsules directly.

  The inconvenience caused by removing the edible empty capsule shell may not be a big deal to ordinary people. If the edible empty capsules are only health care products, some losses are not unacceptable. But for patients and friends, it is urgent to make the drug take effect in time, and nothing happens is the worst thing. Wouldn't it be dangerous if the efficacy of the medicine was compromised due to irregular medication and the inability to resist the disease in time? When designing empty pharmaceutical capsules, the size of the empty pharmaceutical capsule shell is suitable for patients to swallow, and for patients with special difficulties, doctors will never allow them to take edible empty capsules. Compared with the inconvenience of being difficult to swallow, the harm of delaying the disease is much greater.

  Sickness comes like a mountain and goes away like silk. Rehabilitation is like raising a tiger, the tiger will hurt people. I hope that patients and friends can pay attention to the disease, early detection, early treatment, standardized medication, and kill the disease in time.