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Plant Empty Pharmaceutical Capsule

  Plant empty pharmaceutical capsule is one of the most commonly used pharmaceutical filling materials for modern medicines and functional foods. It has an indispensable position in the field of pharmaceutical manufacturing with its unique advantages. Since the quality and manufacturing source of the capsule shell directly affect the clinical use effect and safety of capsules, people have been striving to improve the quality of the capsule shell and find new manufacturing raw materials to improve the current traditional capsule shell cannot. satisfied needs.

  The traditional capsule shell is composed of substances such as gelatin, glycerin and water. Belongs to protein substances. Widely used in the pharmaceutical field. Because gelatin capsules have defects such as water loss hardening, water absorption softening, and cross-linking and curing reaction when encountering aldehyde substances, it is not suitable to fill the contents that are easy to absorb moisture, easy to weather and react with the capsule shell (such as substances containing aldehyde groups, etc. ). With the increasing use of hormones and drug abuse in the breeding industry in recent years, people are increasingly suspicious of the safety of animal products. The "mad cow disease" that swept Europe has caused a certain impact on the traditional gelatin capsule market. . Therefore, capsule products that use natural and plant-based products as raw materials have become popular.

  Different from traditional gelatin capsules, vegetable capsules use hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) as raw material (the raw material contains polysaccharides and the basic components of plant cell walls). In addition to the conceptual advantages, vegetable capsules can also improve protein and fat. It has technical advantages and features that traditional gelatin capsules do not have.

  With the continuous enhancement of people's self-care awareness, the development of vegetarianism and the influence of religion and other factors, plant-based capsule products will become the dominant direction of capsule product development.