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Natural Pigments In Empty HPMC Capsules

  The natural pigments in empty HPMC capsules are divided into three categories by source:

  1. Plant pigments. Such as 11r chlorophyll in green leaves (green), carotene in carrots (orange), and lycopene in tomatoes (red).

  2. Animal pigments. Such as hemoglobin (red) in shrimp muscle and hemoglobin (red) in shrimp shell.

  3. Microbial pigments. Such as red currant pigment (red bean) coated on the surface of the tofu

  After more than ten years of hard work, my country's natural pigment industry has developed significantly, and new varieties of natural pigments have continued to increase. It has become a major producer and seller of natural pigments in the world.

  Due to the reasons of technology and cost, the domestic terminal market awareness of lutein is still in its infancy, the application of lutein is mainly concentrated in the field of feed additives, the industry technology, and people's consumption level have improved, and lutein is a food additive and other expansion to other applications.

  Advantages of using natural pigments in empty pharmaceutical capsules:

  1. Most natural pigments come from plants and animals. Except for the yellow vine, the rest are non-toxic to the human body. Natural colors are very safe.

  2. Most natural pigments are biologically active (such as - carotene, and VB2), so they also have nutritional fortification effects.

  3. Natural colors can better imitate the colors of natural objects and have more natural tones when colored.

  4. Some varieties have a special aromatic smell that is easy to add to food.