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How To Get Medicine Into Empty Hard Gelatin Capsules At Home

  1. Place the medicine on a clean surface, use tools to spread it into a uniform powder layer, press it gently and leave a certain thickness, hold the lower section of the empty hard gelatin capsules, insert the capsule shell into the powder, repeats Repeat several times until it is full, then put the upper section on when you are satisfied. The pressure used during operation should be the same to ensure the consistency of the filling volume.

  2. Put the medicine in the container, separate the cap of the empty hard gelatin capsules, hold half of the capsule in each of the left and right hands, and at the same time insert the medicine powder into the mouth down for the filling. After the two and a half capsules are filled, combine the capsules into one and buckle them together.

  3. Take a piece of paper and fold it in half to open it. Sprinkle the medicine on the crease of the paper and aim at the capsule mouth of the empty pharmaceutical capsule, so that the medicine powder is sprinkled into the capsule along the crease, and fold a small funnel with paper. It must be smaller than the mouth of the capsule and then sprinkle into the capsule as appropriate. Open the capsule shell, you can directly use the capsule shell to scoop up the medicine like water. Then close the capsule shell.

  4. Buy or borrow an instrument that can pour the medicine into the capsule. For the specific usage method, please refer to the instruction manual of the instrument.