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Heavy Metal Detection Method For Empty HPMC Capsules

  What method should be used for heavy metal detection of empty HPMC capsules? Let's take a look with me below.

  The content of heavy metals in empty HPMC capsules should not be greater than 10ppm.

  Sampling method:

  Randomly drawn samples from production batches

  testing method:

  Take the residue under the ignition of the residue, add 0.5ml of nitric acid, and evaporate to dryness until the nitrogen oxide vapor no longer emits, after cooling, add 2ml of hydrochloric acid, put it in a water bath and evaporate to dryness, then add 15ml of water, dropwise add T's ammonium to phenol The indicator is light red, add 2ml of acetate buffer (pH=3.5), dissolve with a slight heat, transfer to a Nessler tube, dilute to 25ml with water, and use this tube as tube a.

  Transfer the amount of reagent used to prepare the test solution to a porcelain evaporating dish to evaporate to dryness, add 2 mL of acetate buffer (pH = 3.5) and 15 mL of water, dissolve by heat, transfer to a Nessler colorimetric tube, add a quantity of Standard lead solution, then diluted with water to 25 ml, put this tube into tube B.

  Add 2 ml of thioacetamide TS to test tube A and test tube B respectively, mix well, let stand for 2 min, look down on the vertical axis of the test tube against a white background, and compare the colors.

  Heavy metal content is NMT 10ppm (0.0010%).

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