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Can Empty Gelatin Capsules Be Eaten?

  Some of the medicines or health products we often eat are presented to you in the form of flakes, and some are in the form of capsules, such as cod liver oil or cold capsules, which have a relatively soft gelatin shell. This will make it easier to take medication for dysphagia. Today, we want to introduce to you an empty pharmaceutical capsule edible.

  When taking medicines or health products, taking the medicines together with the capsules can ensure the dosage of the medicines. It is also possible to take empty gelatin capsules alone because this substance is an edible product and is a food-grade substance. Generally, it is composed of animal fascia, or skin and collagen. Therefore, empty gelatin capsules can be eaten. Even people with weak stomachs can take it normally, because after it enters the human body, It will be quickly digested and absorbed by the body, and it will not bring any adverse effects to the body. It is a safe substance. Empty gelatin capsules solve the problem that granular medicines or oily medicines are difficult to swallow, and it has no taste, and will not cause nausea or discomfort.

  The above is whether empty gelatin capsules can be eaten. The answer is yes. When taking medicine, empty gelatin capsules can be taken together with medicine. When taking it, it can be taken with warm boiled water. However, for infants and young children, try not to take it.