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Application Of Plant Empty Pharmaceutical Capsule

  Plant-empty pharmaceutical capsules are widely used in pharmaceuticals, health care products, cosmeceuticals, scientific research laboratories, and other fields. With the increase in the elderly population, the demand continues to rise. Consumers prefer plant-empty pharmaceutical capsules over tablets.

  The plant's empty pharmaceutical capsule disintegrates quickly and absorbs quickly. The vegetable capsule shell is colorless and odorless, making it easy for consumers to swallow.

  Vegetable capsules, like empty gelatin capsules, are easily digestible and gradually release active substances as needed. They offer the same high quality as empty gelatin capsules, but without animal ingredients.

  Plant empty pharmaceutical capsule labels appear on an increasing number of dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals such as vitamins, multivitamins, probiotics, sports nutrition, herbal medicines, herbal remedies, weight loss supplements, anti-anemia preparations, and other therapeutic applications.

  With increasing consumer preference, the demand for plant empty pharmaceutical capsules will be high in these industries. The plant empty pharmaceutical capsule has low water content and stable molecular structure, which is especially suitable for filling traditional Chinese medicine preparations.