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Application Of Empty HPMC Capsules As Pharmaceutical Excipients

  Pharmaceutical preparations are inseparable from pharmaceutical excipients. The improvement of the quality of pharmaceutical preparations and the emergence of new dosage forms are often based on the development of new excipients. As one of the most widely used pharmaceutical excipients, HPMC can be used as an adhesive, disintegrant, sustained release agent, empty HPMC capsules, coating film-forming agent, etc. due to its molecular weight and viscosity.

  As a binder and disintegrant, HPMC can be used to facilitate drug dissolution and release.

  Low viscosity HPMC dissolves in water to form a clear, creamy, viscous colloidal solution that can be used directly as a binder. In addition, HPMC aqueous solution, mixed with a certain concentration of ethanol or starch slurry of different concentrations, can be made into different composite adhesives.

  HPMC is used to increase the compressibility of drug particles and promote drug disintegration.

  HPMC is used as a water-soluble coating.

  The solution has a moderate viscosity, good film-forming properties, and can maintain the shape of the sheet. In addition, the coating film also has the functions of coloring and moisture-proof.

  HPMC is used in mucoadhesives.

  Mucoadhesives make the drug adhere to the mucosal epithelium through the special adhesion of certain polymer materials, thereby prolonging the residence and release time of the drug at the adhesion site and achieving the targeted drug delivery time.